“Thank you Leighton for your message through song; may God use it in hearts everywhere.”

“Beautiful, inside and out.”

“Leighton’s message about giving up control and asking Jesus to take over really hit home…I’ve given my life to Jesus and now know salvation.”

“Leighton’s message through word and song reminded me that too often I charge right into things, thinking it’s up to ME to make things happen. ..I’ve released myself from striving to be that “good” person” on my own and am allowing Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, and allowing Him to direct my actions.”

“What kind words of love through music.”

“Excellent, wonderful, instrument of God.”

“Thank you for an encouraging message and reminder of what is most important to us!!”

“God blessed us through Leighton and her music. We’re leaving inspired to walk closer to the Lord.”

“Excellent in every way!”

“Joyful!… What a wonderful witness you are for God and Jesus!”

“A breath of fresh air…Precious”

“A beautiful gift from God in that voice, giving a great message.”

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