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March 29, 2019

About Me

January 1, 2019
Hello new friend and thank you for visiting my page. I really do hope to get to know you!


My passion has always been music. I live and breathe song. But for too long I dismissed the idea that I should be doing it professionally – as my number one focus.


There are plenty of distractions in the world (some of them even positive ones!) and I have certainly had my head turned by many of them. But as I have grown in relationship with Christ I’ve honed in on what I was created to do. I’ve answered His call, to share my gifts and natural abilities in the way He always intended. And I am so grateful for His patience with me! So, now I bring joy, truth and love to others through music. And my hope is that I share my love for Christ not only through my music, but in the way I live day to day. Here you will find not only my music, but I’ll also be sharing what I’ve learned about living for Christ. Daily application in the real world. And you know what else I’ve learned? It’s actually fun! Honestly, not at all what I thought it would be. (Yes, you’ll find I’m very honest and open too.) So until then, be well and blessed. Let’s Live the Calling together.
We Will Be There Resounding Joy I Need You Every Hour